Friday, 3 July 2009

start again

Coming back to the city means to take a step back in the way I was making. The city catchs me and make me love it in such a way that everything I have built to provide my new world is being cracking.

Coming back means to be trapped in the past and staying means to lose a piece of me in each moment. Milano hasn't dusks like Cotillo, not even has dusks. It's full of humanoids who walk fast and make noise everytime. I can't listen that silence that I like so much and with the one that I can say everything. Here is not the soulmate who with time forgets my past that I deny to leave out.

She also can say everything with silence although her mind is turning off.


  1. Siempre es bueno volver a empezar.
    "El tiempo" lo decide todo,
    y el silencio lo complementa :)
    saludos :]

  2. Gracias por tus palabras Nano. :)

    Es un círculo por cerrar y otro por abrir más de esta vida.

  3. looks nice!!! I love milano!!!

  4. Algún día visitaré Milano y todo su fashion culture! Suerte con las mudanzas!


  5. :) linda entrada, lindas fotos, lindo blog.